Transmission Repair in Palmerston, ON

The CDP Diesel & Auto team can promptly diagnose and address transmission issues, ensuring smooth gear shifts and optimal performance. Schedule your repair today for a seamless driving experience.

Transmissions are incredibly complex parts that convert the revolutions per minute from the engine (rotational speed) into the road speed required by the wheels on your vehicle.

They come in many forms, from one-speed racing transmissions to 10-speed (or more) for trucks and cars. They may be manual or automatic.

Maintaining your vehicle’s transmission (like any other component) can save money and time. For instance, manual and automatic transmissions use clutches, with the clutch in the manual transmission usually has to be changed more frequently than in automatic transmissions.

Need your transmission repaired or serviced? CDP Diesel & Auto should be your next destination in Palmerston, ON and nearby areas.

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Signs That You Need Transmission Repair

The transmission will often warn you before it completely breaks and leaves you stranded. Once you see these signs, contact CDP Diesel & Auto in Palmerston, ON for a transmission repair appointment.

The Transmission Light Illuminates

Not all vehicles have a transmission light. If yours does, the light could mean anything from low fluid to severe problems.


If you step on the gas and the vehicle takes a few seconds or longer to start moving, the transmission is slipping. You may be low on fluid, or the clutches in an automatic transmission could be worn. You may notice slipping in reverse first, as it takes more pressure to reverse.

The Transmission Does Not Engage

If it takes a lot of effort to shift or the transmission doesn’t shift at all, the clutches in a manual transmission might be worn. If you have an automatic transmission, it may be very low on fluid, the clutches could be worn, or you may have additional, more severe problems.

Burnt Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid usually has a bright pink or deep red colour. If it looks brownish-red and has a bad smell, it’s burnt.

Burning Odor

If you can smell something “hot” while driving, your transmission may be overheating. Dirty fluid, a blocked transmission cooler, or not enough fluid could cause a transmission to overheat.


If you hear whining, chattering, or clunking noises, you could have serious problems. If your vehicle is a front-wheel drive, it could be a CV axle. Otherwise, it is internal.


If your vehicle starts shaking while driving and you know for a fact that it’s not an out-of-balance wheel or separated tire, you may have transmission problems.

Transmission Leaks

If you notice oil leaks under the vehicle and the oil has a pink tinge (unless your transmission fluid is really dirty), take note of where the leak is. It may be the transmission, a transmission line or a transmission cooler leaking.

Transmission Won’t Shift

If you can shift gears but the transmission doesn’t shift, you could have a problem with the shifter or an internal transmission problem.


Transmission Rebuild is Another Option

In the transmissions failure, instead of a replacement, you can opt to rebuild the transmission. Ask your transmission technician at CDP Diesel & Auto which option is best for your situation.

In some cases, if you haven’t damaged the hard parts in the transmission’s tail, it may be more economical to rebuild the transmission. In other cases, a new transmission may not be available, and your only choice is to rebuild the transmission.

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Contact CDP Diesel & Auto for Transmission Repair and Replacement in Palmerston, ON

With transmission or engine issues youll go nowhere fast. Keeping up with transmission maintenance extends the life of the transmission, but you still have wear and tear parts that need replacement, especially the clutches.

Don’t let a faulty transmission ruin your drive. Contact CDP Diesel & Auto today at (519) 418-3344 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment. You can also see us at 114 Noble Family Road, Palmerston, ON N0G 2P0, Canada