Diesel Repair in Palmerston, ON

Experience reliable diesel maintenance and repair at CDP Diesel & Auto in Palmerston, ON. Our experts ensure your diesel vehicle runs flawlessly. Contact us for top-notch service today!

When you drive a diesel truck, you should always look for a diesel specialist for maintenance and repairs. Diesel vehicles have a more complex exhaust system to comply with pollution regulations. 

Additionally, maintenance and repair are more complex because of the electronic components used to control the engine. Most of these components are also part of pollution control. 

Good thing CDP Diesel & Auto in Palmerston, ON has diesel specialists for diesel repair and maintenance, covering pickup trucks and various vehicles with diesel engines.

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Why Choose CDP Diesel & Auto in Palmerston, ON for Diesel Repair

Dodge. GM. Ford. It doesn’t matter what you drive or your diesel engine—our diesel specialists can work on it. From oil changes to complex fuel delivery system repairs, our trained diesel technicians can get you back on the road with quality parts and customer service.

We always put quality repairs first, then speed. If you have a quick repair or need maintenance, we have a waiting room with coffee and television. Other benefits you can enjoy as you get our services include:

After-hours drop-off

One-year parts and labour warranty (in-house)

NAPA North American warranty

Two-year transmission warranty

Free vehicle health check

Text and email communication

Diesel Repair at CDP Diesel & Auto

While diesel engines are known to be more reliable than gas engines, they still need engine repair. No matter how well-moving parts are made, they will wear out. It’s the nature of the game. As a diesel repair shop in Palmerston, ON, CDP Diesel & Auto can repair your broken and worn-out engine parts, including:

In addition to diesel engine repair, your truck has body parts and systems that wear out with time and miles. Among parts we repair and replace include:

Diesel Maintenance in Palmerston, ON

One of the most crucial things diesel truck and vehicle owners can do is to stay up with maintenance. Proper factory-recommended maintenance has many benefits, including:

Reduce Repair Costs

Your diesel specialist can find issues before they get too bad. For example, if they notice the brake pads are worn, they can warn you before the pads gouge the rotors so much that rotors can’t be turned.

Increases Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

Because the engine receives proper lubrication, it lasts much longer. Other maintenance parts, such as glow plugs, could keep you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Decreases Your Downtime

Because your diesel specialist can find upcoming issues while inspecting, you can repair the worn parts before they break and leave you stranded.

Promotes Safety

When the engine, suspension, steering, brakes, or other parts malfunction while driving, it could cause you to lose control of the vehicle. Maintenance significantly reduces the risk of things breaking while you are driving.

Improves Performance

Maintenance services keep fluids and parts clean and in good working order.


Need Diesel Maintenance and Repair? Contact CDP Diesel & Auto in Palmerston, ON

Your vehicle deserves the best—and so do you! Our diesel experts are here to provide top-notch diesel maintenance and repair services. Contact us now to schedule an appointment and keep your diesel vehicle running smoothly. 

Call us at (519) 418-3344, email us at [email protected], or drop by our diesel repair shop at 114 Noble Family Road, Palmerston, ON N0G 2P0, Canada