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Your vehicle’s suspension and steering are complex systems that require maintenance and repair, as they are wear-and-tear items. It is imperative to keep them in good repair to keep your vehicle safe and to give you a comfortable ride. 

Bumpy rides, tire wear, and loose steering are just some of the symptoms of worn or broken steering and suspension parts. At CDP Diesel & Auto in Palmerston, ON, we provide steering and suspension repair and services for diesel as well as gas vehicles.

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Signs of Worn or Broken Steering and Suspension

You’ll generally have plenty of warning before the steering and suspension break unless you hit something really hard or beat your vehicle by taking it four-wheeling. Signs of worn or broken steering and suspension include:

Pulling to the Side

When your vehicle pulls to one side, it could be tires, brakes, or part of the suspension or steering. If the tires are not aligned, you won’t get a smooth ride, and the suspension could need adjusting. 

Parts that may cause pulling include shocks, ball joints and control arms. Tie rods, which are part of the steering, could also cause pulling to one side.

You Feel Every Little Bump

The suspension has a few jobs, including keeping the wheels on the road, attaching the body to the chassis, and giving you a smooth ride. If you feel every bump you hit in the road—and there’s a lot!—the shocks or struts are most likely worn.

You can easily check the shocks and struts yourself by doing a bounce test. Push down on each corner of the vehicle with your entire weight and let it off. Count how many times the vehicle bounces. If it bounces more than two or three times, the shocks or struts are worn.

You can also check for leaks from the shock absorbers. If a strut is bad, you might hear a knocking sound when you hit a bump.

One Corner of the Vehicle is Lower Than the Rest

If you notice that one corner of your vehicle is lower than the others, check the tires for a flat. If you don’t have a flat, there’s a good possibility that you have a worn or broken spring. Another clue that a spring is broken is you’ll hear a clunking sound when you hit a pothole or drive over bumps.

Difficulty Steering

A few things can make steering difficult. If you have a power steering leak, you’ll hear a rumbling or grinding noise when you turn the wheel. 

Check the power steering fluid. If it’s low, bring your vehicle to CDP Diesel & Auto, and we’ll check for leaks or a problem with the power steering pump or gearbox. It could also mean the power steering rack or control arm bushings are worn.

Shock Absorber Leaks

If your vehicle’s shocks look oily, their fluid is most likely leaking. You’ll notice more bumps in the road—soon if you haven’t yet. If the shocks are leaking, you should replace them as quickly as possible.

Squatting, Rolling, and Diving

You have a suspension issue if the vehicle:

  • Does a nose dive when you hit the brakes;
  • Leans too far into the corner when taking a corner; or
  • Leans backward when you accelerate.

These issues generally relate to worn or broken shocks and struts. To further check into this, you can do the bounce test. If the shocks or struts are worn, have a steering and suspension pro at CDP Diesel & Auto replace them as soon as possible.


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When the steering or suspension systems wear or break, it becomes a significant safety problem. Don’t worry. The certified auto technicians at CDP Diesel & Auto can diagnose and repair the steering and suspension and have you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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