Common Signs Your Transmission Needs Rebuilding: Tips for Palmerston Drivers

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Just like any other component on your vehicle, the transmission is subject to wear and tear. When you know the symptoms of a failing transmission, you can plan better and avoid an expensive tow to the shop. CDP Diesel & Auto in Palmerston, ON, boasts experienced technicians specializing in transmission repair, rebuilding, service, and replacement.

If you keep up with transmission service, it will last longer, and you’ll face the prospect of rebuilding or replacing it much further down the line – if at all.

Signs of a Failing Transmission for Palmerston, ON Drivers

In many cases, your vehicle’s transmission will give you plenty of warning that it’s going to fail. If you know what to look for, you can get it to CDP Diesel & Auto before it fails – and can most likely avoid an expensive tow bill.

Signs of a failing transmission include:


A transmission can slip in and out of gear, or it can slip before shifting. Slipping in and out of gear is a major problem that causes loss of power and affects acceleration. Slipping when changing gears is also a problem unless you have a stall converter. With a stall converter, the transmission will slip or “stall” until the engine reaches a specific number of revolutions per minute.

Stall converters are common in drag racing vehicles and high-performance vehicles. If you have a 900 stall, the transmission won’t catch first gear until the engine RPM reaches 900. If it’s a 2500 stall, it won’t catch first gear until the engine reaches 2500 RPM. You won’t normally notice it going into other gears, as the engine is usually higher than the stall when it shifts into second, third and subsequent gears.

Delayed and/or Rough Shifting

If the transmission has difficulty shifting gears or shows a delay when shifting into drive or reverse, you have transmission issues that need attention. Other signs are rough gear changes, such as “slamming” into gear.

Another exception is if you have a high-performance valve body that causes hard shifting or slamming into gear on purpose.


Any transmission that makes noises is giving you a fair warning. Whining, grinding, and clunking may suggest issues with the bands or planetary gears, driveshaft, or rear end. You may hear the planetary gears referred to as “hard parts.”

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Without enough transmission fluid, the transmission could overheat and, if it’s low enough, will slip. You can check for leaks by looking under the vehicle for puddles of transmission fluid. This is a repair that must be fixed immediately.

Burning Smell

If you smell a burning smell while driving, especially if your vehicle is overheating, the transmission is most likely running too hot. If you continue running it hot, it could damage the transmission.

Warning Lights

If you have any transmission warning lights or messages from the onboard diagnostics, it’s time to visit your transmission technician at CDP Diesel & Auto. Some transmissions set codes through the electronic control modules and illuminate the check engine light.

Frequent Stalling

If a transmission frequently causes the vehicle to stall, it’s usually stuck in a 1:1 lockup. This may be controlled by a sensor or electronically. This is a dangerous condition, as it could cause you to stall in traffic and at higher speeds. Transmission fluid can degrade when the transmission overheats or if too much clutch material is in the fluid. The fluid loses its lubricating properties, which is why it is important that you come in for a transmission service as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Burnt Transmission Fluid

If the transmission fluid is burnt – brown looking, not nice and pink – it’s time for a transmission flush. Burnt fluid can also be an indication of more serious issues.

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